CMA's Campus 5K Run/Walk Challenge at Hofstra University

Gather your friends, family and coworkers, and join us for the CMA's Campus 5K Run/Walk Challenge at Hofstra University!

Our Fundraising Goal:




Event Schedule:

  Saturday, December 10th

9:00 am:  Registration/Meet & Greet Begins
  10:00 am:  Run/Walk Challenge Begins


We are excited to hold our first ever 5K Run/ Walk Challenge, The best thing about CMA is the individuals we assist.  Come out, meet a new friend and accompany them or just enjoy a 5k walk through one of Long Island's prestigious university's.

Come out and support our mission while enjoying a walk with your friends and neighbors. Assisting the community has never been so easy or fun. Set your own personal goal and show your commitment to our cause!

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Our Top 5 Fundraisers:

Rank Name Amount
#1 Eileen Egan $1,920.50
#2 Michele Popovitch $350.00
#3 Tanner Zalud $245.00
#4 Jermaine Crandall $200.00
#5 Heather Aylward $150.00

Our Top 5 Fundraising Teams:

Rank Team Name Amount
#1 Team McDonald $2,120.50
#2 Pop's Legacy $705.00
#3 Team Juliet $500.00
#4 Team Hidden Lane Home $400.00
#5 Aylward All Stars $400.00
#6 Team I Do $380.00
#7 Team Arleigh Home $265.00
#8 Pinecrest $225.00
#9 Team Irma Home $200.00
#10 Team Avenue C Home $155.00

About CMA:

CMA was founded in 1974 by Joan Brenner, a mother concerned about her son’s future. She needed to know that he would be loved and cared for when she and her husband were gone. Her son became a resident of the First CMA home, in Kings Point. Today CMA operates residences in Nassau Long Island. CMA offers both supervised living, supportive living, and support services for independent living.

CMA encourages continued growth towards a person’s maximum potential within a home or work environment. At CMA we believe that each person is unique with a personal dream. CMA is here to assist individuals and their families to accomplish what is important to them.

CMA values the participation of each person’s relatives and friends. Together with family members we plan for the future needs of the people we serve.

CMA puts people’s needs and choices first and we support future goals and aspirations.


Community Mainstreaming Associates, Inc. is committed to providing flexible and innovative services that meet the changing needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
CMA strives to maximize each person’s potential to lead a fulfilling, purposeful life in the community by offering a full range of work, social, educational and recreational opportunities.


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"Life, like a mirror, never gives back more than we put into it."
— Anonymous
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